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Vascular Surgery Integrated Residency at Lenox Hill

Program Overview

The Vascular Surgery Integrated Residency program is a five-year program accredited by the ACGME. It consists of one categorical resident per year for a total of five categorical residents. The training program is facilitated entirely at the Lenox Hill Hospital campus in Manhattan.

Lenox Hill Hospital's core faculty is comprised of surgeons and interventionalists specializing in vascular and endovascular surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, interventional cardiology and radiology, as well as advanced laparoscopic surgery, colon and rectal surgery, bariatric surgery, surgical critical care, and breast surgery. The Vascular Surgery team at the Lenox Hill Heart and Vascular Institute consists of some of the country's most experienced surgeons, who have defined progress in their respective fields and continue to set standards of care worldwide in both traditional and minimally invasive endovascular surgery.

The institute is a leading center within New York City that trains physicians and surgeons in the newest techniques for treating thoracic and abdominal aortic aneurysms, carotid artery disease, peripheral arterial disease and venous disease as well as vascular access.

Residents will have the opportunity to receive training in conventional operative suites as well as in high volume interventional suites with access to equipment and techniques utilized by cardiology, interventional radiology, and vascular surgery. There is also a high volume accredited vascular laboratory where residents will have an opportunity to train with our certified vascular techs in order to master the skill necessary to pass the PVI exam.

For more information please contact Leslie Sotomayor by email at
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Program requirements

Surgical Principles Examination (SPE) must be taken before or during the PGY 4 year and a pass is required for graduation. The Physicians' Vascular Interpretation Examination must be taken prior to graduation. The Vascular Surgery In Training Examination (VSITE) is required every year and residents are required to score higher than 70% each year.


Residents must have at least 2 presentations prior to graduation and must have at least 1 manuscript submission prior to graduation.

Rotations/Goals and Objectives

Residents will spend 24 months on general surgery services to include general surgery, cardiothoracic surgery and surgical intensive care, and 36 months on vascular surgery services to include vascular surgery, interventional radiology, and vascular lab.


Mondays (7:00 AM) - Basic Science Lectures
This lecture series, developed from the Vascular Surgery Program Directors Curriculum, covers most of the basic and clinical sciences fundamental to the practice of vascular surgery over a two-year span. It includes a monthly review of recent literature, in the format of Journal Club. Articles are chosen that pertain to the module under review.

Tuesdays - Quality and Assurance Conference
This conference allows review of all the cases and consults seen and intervened upon by the general surgery and vascular surgery services.

Wednesdays - Department of Surgery Morbidity & Mortality/Grand Rounds
Morbidity and Mortality Conferences are held on Wednesdays for the entire Surgery Department. Vascular cases are included on a regular basis in this conference. All vascular residents are required to attend these sessions. Every third week is dedicated specifically to Vascular Morbidity and Mortality with an eye to presenting cases which usually are not discussed at the Surgery Department M&M Conference.

Friday - Case Conference Presentations
The vascular residents are responsible for presenting the major cases they performed the week prior, addressing questions from the audience regarding clinical course and management. Although most of the presentations are based on surgical or interventional cases, occasionally interesting vascular lab or other non-operative cases will be presented.

Call schedule

Lenox Hill Hospital vascular surgery residents call schedule is in compliance with the national work hour requirements and ACGME regulations. For more information please see the duty hours policy.

Resident Life

The Residents at Lenox Hill Hospital are provided with the highest standard of hospitality while taking in house call. Residents shall be provided with locked on-call rooms and designated lounge and study areas. In an effort to provide residents with reasonably private on call rooms, such rooms will be located away from clinical units to the extent possible. On call room assignments will be made, to the extent possible, to provide residents with individual privacy. Meal tickets shall be distributed to all Lenox-Hill owned residents which may be used in the Hospital cafeteria. In addition, Lenox Hill Hospital is located in the Upper East Side and some of the city's best restaurants are within walking distance to the hospital. A very competitive salary is offered to the residents with an incremental increase as residents ascend post graduate years. Residents receive medical and dental coverage, life insurance, malpractice coverage, and disability. Investing in a retirement is also an option. Residents are eligible to apply for hospital housing.

The upper east side of Manhattan is a classic, yet always flourishing neighborhood that houses some of the city's finest restaurants and boutiques. It is well known as the home of the Metropolitan Museum, the Guggenheim Museum, and the Museum of the City of New York to name only a few. Central Park is within walking distance and provides ample space for leisure and exercise. The Hospital is located on the 4, 5, 6 metro route which allows easy access to grand central station and surrounding neighborhoods.

For more information please contact Leslie Sotomayor by email at
or by phone 212.434.2150


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